Planters Bank

Registered Mortgage Loan Officers


The NMLS is the legal system of record for all federal registrations required of federal regulated mortgage loan originators. Below, consumers will find the NMLS ID number for Planters Bank and our mortgage loan originators. In addition, the website for consumer access is listed.

Planters Bank, Inc. 452877
Orton, Amy J 771153
Alexander, Brandi 1492088
Black, Anita M 474046
Calhoun, Janet B 939595
Dunbar, Michael D 456243
Durden, Leigh 1141595
Fletcher, Randy S 895124
Gorman, Barbara G 474055
Graham, Kim 805159
Graham, Steven L 464514
Greene, Jan R 490923
Hines, Jennifer  1477396
Jackson, Gregory A 490917
Jackson, Mary J 490921
Jenkins, Jason 1144988
Jones, Brandy G 490919
McGahey, Hayse 1141836
Mooney, Danielle R 875120
Pepper, Jason 1077774
Phillips, Theresa M 508151
Quarles, Derrick Lamorie 999937
Rodgers, Chesley G 490924
Sanders, William H 590405
Smith, Angela D 490920
Stallons, Landan 1494998
Sumner, Wesley K 610807
Vinson, Amanda 1141605
Wenzler, Stacey M 490925
Workman, Matthew T 1145775

For consumer access please visit